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Established in 1986, Chongqing Wanhu Mechanical & Electrical Products Co.,Ltd is the largest tricycle factory in Southwest China and top three tricycle manufacturers in China tricycle lines .It’s located in No.6 YunGang Street, B Area, LuoHuang Industrial Zone, JiangJin District, Chongqing, China. Wanhu factory zone occupy 60000sqm and own located around 1000 employees including 110 professional engineers.
Wanhu own completed and best advanced manufacture equipment’s, that includes twenty one units imported engine equipment, one raw material processing workshop, two engine workshops , two chassis pressing line, two welding lines, one painting line,  three assembly lines. The tricycle key parts such as engine, chassis, cargo box, rear axle, body, and painting are all self-produced. WANHOO has more than 600 skillful workers.
Wanhu has achieved ‘CHINA PROVINGCIAL TRICYCLE TECHNOLOGY CENTER’ approved by China China government. Until now, more than 50 independent patents are approved. The advanced PDM system has been widely used in R. &.D works. The strict mechanical test, environmental testing and road test ensure products durable quality.
Wanhu sold 80000 units tricycles in 2016, export market occupy 15000 units. Wanhoo own three manufacturer bases in China and five overseas branches. Wanhu Partners could share better and sound after-service.
Until now, Wanhu tricycles have been deserved good market reputation Africa and South American. The hot sale products include cargo tricycles ("K3","RUIHU","HANHU"), cabin cab cargo tricycles ("JIHU","ZUNHU"), and passenger tricycle("YAHU TUK TUK").